Northborough, Massachusetts

Property Assessment Data: Valuations for 2018 (Tax Rate $17.39)

Three ways to Search

By Street In the Street name space, type the name of the street ONLY.
Do NOT type out street, road, lane, etc. Just put the name.

You may also type Street number in its space.
By Owner In the Owner space, type in the last name ONLY.
When the list comes up, pick the one you want.
By Parcel In the parcel space, type the Map, Block, and Lot as follows:
Map-Block-Lot, then hit enter. Example: 063.0-0092-0000.0

To Print: When you are in the Record Card, click on Printable Record Card, at the top.

There is a counter terminal available during office hours, where you may print property record cards for 5 cents each.

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